a taste of mountain missions road trippin’

Here are some snapshots of the drive back from our last trip to the mountains. Day 3’s evangelistic outreach to the little village of Tricao Malal was cancelled due to rain. The only road in had turned to impassable mud. We were very fortunate to be able to drive the 40 miles out to the main highway. There were mud slides that covered parts of the dirt and gravel roads that lead out of the valley. We had to drive through several, hoping and praying we didn’t get stuck. In the worst one, our back wheels started spinning and we started sliding towards the cliff with no guard rail, and there was that hopeless feeling of not being able to do a thing about it. Fortunately, the wheels stopped spinning, we hit ground, and slowly drove out of the slide to the other side. It was heart-stopping and was too petrified to snap a picture. The kids (I call them kids because they’re half my age :)) in the truck that followed us out had the same close encounter with the mud.

We spent Day 2 and the night in Cancha Huinganco, but couldn’t make it the 10km the next day to Tricao.

The waters were beginning to swell in the streams and rivers.

They swelled so much that this bridge we had to cross was washed out the next day. Gone.

Good thing most people have horses.


About an hour after hitting the paved road, Dani (who we call our adopted son) stopped for these two women whose car had broken down. We call Dani the Good Samaritan. He stops for everybody. This would be what towing looks like Argentinian style. The crazy thing is that they did about 55mph rigged up like this, with the two ladies sitting in their car chatting away. No big deal round these here parts.

Here is Dani when he stopped for a motorcycle on the way into the valley. They couldn’t fix the bike, so they loaded it and the guy into the back of the pick-up and dropped him off at his destination.

Two hours from home, after nine hours on the road, the church’s mission mobile broke down for good. The kids didn’t seem to mind. They made their own good time as we waited five hours by the side of the road out in the middle of Nowhere for the tow truck. It finally came at 1am. We finally rolled into town at 3am Monday morning after the six hour trip took sixteen hours. Tired, but worth it.


3 thoughts on “a taste of mountain missions road trippin’

  1. I am finding it a bit difficult to leave a comment here but I will try again.
    It is absolutely gorgeous there! Your pictures are unbelievable! That is crazy that the bridge got washed away. I’m glad you were able to get out just in time!

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