Here are some pics from the 3-day training seminar Campus Crusade for Christ gave us last week. Fantabulous.



Mauricio demonstrating how to clearly and effectively share the gospel – genius




some of the university students

the new and fledgling Campus Crusade for Christ Patagonia group – woot! woot!

It was a fantastic three days. Tony went Thursday and was totally pumped when he came home. I was there all day Friday while Tony stayed home with the kids. (No, I did not miss them, and did not want to go home. :)). But when I did get home, I practiced what we learned on my daughter by sharing the four spiritual laws with her on the sofa. She has grown up in a Christian home, but we don’t pressure our kids to accept Christ per se. After reading the little booklet to her, she expressed the desire to receive God’s free gift of salvation.

So she accepted Christ into her life, like seriously did. We couldn’t believe it; she has been the most non-interested of our children in following the things of God. Since Friday she is a different person. She is so… nice. And obedient – cheerfully. She is kind and helpful and sweet with her little sister. Before she used to wake up in a bad mood every day. She would constantly fight with her sister and brother. I would ask her to do something and she would fight me and argue. I love her, she is sweet and funny in her personality, but has always had a hard heart and is somewhat difficult to live with in some senses. I am not kidding when I say she is totally different. She is sorry and repentent when she does something wrong, asking for forgiveness and crying – something I’ve never seen in her. I just can’t beleive the change in her. Literally overnight.

God is so good. If moving all the way to Patagonia, sacrificing so much, and hosting CCC for a week is what we had to do to see our daughter come to Christ, well then Glory to God. It has been most definately worth it. Thank you, Jesus. ThankyouThankyouThankyou. I owe it all to You, every good thing comes from You. 

Saturday was pretty amazing, too… More to come.



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