R.I.P. Budgie

This is Budgie, also known as “Plum” {for his sweet purpleness}.

Budgie, the Missionary Bird. A birthday present from Grandpa for the Girl, four short months ago.

He travelled with us on all our mission trips. Until he got sick from the stress of missions, caught a cold, and passed into eternity. He is now in Budgie Heaven flying around with all his little Budgie friends.

He was really sweet, soft, and cuddly. We have many memories of his little feet scurrying across the floor making little tap-tap sounds. He would sit on shoulders while the kids did their schoolwork, perch on the radiator keeping them company, and chirp his little happy chirp every morning. Here he is sitting in his favorite tree. Sigh.

He really was part of the family. He’ll always be part of the family.

But no more pets for a while. We’re not very good at keeping them alive.

We miss you, Budgie! We love you.


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