God works all things for GOOD

what happens when men/boys hang clothes

I have a hard time keeping up with the wash here. Somewhere in the midst of our illnesses this winter when the laundry piled up WAY high, my son took over. I never asked him to, maybe his Dad did, I don’t know – I was either in bed or taking care of someone. Either way, my 12 year-old son has now completely taken over the laundry. He likes it. He enjoys separating the colors, he says… (Huh?). Has anyone ever heard of this? I’m thinking this is somewhat unusual. Either way I tell him that he’s going to make a great husband some day. That and the great back rubs he gives. AND he’s neat and organized. I thank God he takes after my family in that way. My girls on the other hand…

So, as I was lying in bed with high blood pressure and migraines, my boy was diligently doing the laundry.

“And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love God,

to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

~Romans 8:28


5 thoughts on “God works all things for GOOD

  1. Those three shirts hanging there like that are really really funny. Thanks for the laugh. :) Good to hear your boy is finding his niche. Christian says he’s glad he is laundering clothes and not money.

    • I guess it is kind of funny looking; I give up trying to tell him how to better hang clothes – he’s got a mind of his own and suddenly knows everything and we know nothing. lol (teenager)

      Christian is so funny and makes us laugh no matter how far away we are!

  2. We tend to underestimate our kids abilities. And let’s face it, it’s usually easier to just do the housework/cooking/laundry ourselves. But things like this happen, and we see they’re really quite capable!

    I’d gone back to college when our son was 8 and our daughter was 3. My husband took over all the household chores and cooking, along with homeschooling our son, but I continued doing the laundry. Because we really couldn’t afford to go out and buy whole new wardrobes :) And I knew that’s what would happen if my hubby took over the laundry since, in his own words, he just didn’t see the need to separate colors. Anyway, our son went through a phase of only wanting to wear his sweat pants. Never mind that he had a dozen pair of jeans and only three sweat pants. I couldn’t be doing laundry every few days so he asked if he could wash his own clothes! Never one to turn down the offer of help, I showed him how to operate the washer and dryer and never looked back :) When our daughter was 8, she couldn’t quite reach the knobs on either machine but I just made her stand on a chair. hahaha I figured if her brother could do laundry at age 8, so could she!

    As you correctly surmise, your son will make someone a great husband one day! Our son takes care of his own laundry and helps his wife with the household laundry too (towels, sheets, etc).

    Any “life skill” we can teach our kids will only benefit them. And us :)

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