Quotes from Shadow of the Almighty

All quotes taken directly from Shadow of the Almighty by Elizabeth Elliott.

“You speak of it [education] as ’rounding out one’s manhood’ [Jim writes to his father]. It rounds it out, all right, but I’m afraid sometimes it’s more in the style of I Corinthians 8:1, ‘knowledge puffs up.’ ‘Culture,’ philosophy, disputes, drama in its weaker formes, concerts and opera, politics — anything that can occupy the intellect seems to turn aside the hearts of many here on campus from a humble life in the steps of the Master, though we sing about this most delicately! No, education is dangerous, and, personally, I am beginning to question its value in a Christian’s life. I do not disparage wisdom — that comes from God, not from Ph.D’s.”

“Walk as if the next step would carry you across the threshold of Heaven. Pray. That saint that advances on his knees never retreats.”

“Our young men are going into the professional fields because they don’t ‘feel called’ to the mission field. We don’t need a call; we need a kick in the pants.”

“Father, make me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.”

“I dare not stay home while Quichuas perish. So what if the well-fed church in the homeland needs stirring? They have the Scriptures, Moses, and the Prophets, and a whole lot more. Their condemnation is written on their bank books and in the dust on their Bible covers. American believers have sold their lives to the service of Mammon, and God has his rightful way of dealing with those who succomb to the spirit of Laodicea.”

‘He hath led me, and brought me into darkness, and not into light.’ Because I cannot see, nor even assuredly feel, His satisfaction with me, I cannot doubt the leading simply because of the dark. The leading is nonetheless real, the pathway has simply been into a place I didn’t expect or ask for.”

“Yesterday I prayed that God would take me to Peru or Brazil before I pass another October 8. I know inside that the flesh would like more training — and perhaps I’m fitted to train more — everybody seem to be planning on it around here. But those generations passing away at this moment! They must hear of the Savior! How can we wait? O Lord of Harvest, do send forth laborers! Here am I, Lord. Behold me, send me.”

“Mustard seed is rare stuff today.”

“… but are we so childish (I do not say childlike) as to think that a God who could scheme a Jesus-plan would lead poor pilgrims into situations they could not bear?”

“How long shall we sit analyzing, questioning, arguing, discussing, before God lays hold on us with power to thrust us out to the billion and a half who have not yet heard?”

“Betty, I blush to think of things I have said, as if I knew something about what Scripture teaches. I know nothing. My father’s religion is of the sort which I have seen nowhere else. His theology is wholly undeveloped, but so real and practical a thing that is shatters every ‘system’ of doctrine I have seen. He cannot define theism, but he knows God. We’ve had some happy times together, and I cannot estimate what enrichment a few month’s working with him might do for me, practically and spiritually.”

“If men were filled with the Spirit they would not write book on that subject, but on the Person whom the Spirit has come to reveal. Occupation with Christ is God’s object.”

“…remember that we have bargained with Him who bore a cross…”

“I try to get in what I call ‘reprobate reading,’ a little every day, just to keep from dropping into the stereotyped and conventional.”

“II Timothy 2:4 is impossible in the United States, if one insists on a wife.”

“Jim was extremely wary of women, fearing that they only intended to lure a man from his goals. ‘Domesticated males aren’t much for adventure,’ he warned me. Whenever a young lady got a bit too friendly at a social function and I appeared to be taking the hook, I’d hear a voice in my ear saying, ‘Beware, Fisher, beware.'”

“I must not think it strange if God takes in youth those whom I would have kept on earth till they were older. God is peopling Eternity, and I must not restrict him to old men and women.”

“I am not clear that the feeling commonly called ‘romantic’ is not, as much as any other natural feeling, sanctifiable and applicable to Christ’s purposes.”

“If God opens the door, who can shut? And if He says, ‘Go,’ who will dare stay?”

“There are sufficient numbers of believers to turn the whole city [Portland] to God if they would once turn to Christ and confess their shameful neglect of His work.”

“Missionaries are very human folks, just doing what they are asked. Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody.”

“They’ve asked me to take over the position of business manager of the Tower next year. It would mean that I would get six grade points, free tuition for a year, and a $12,000 responsibility — but it would also mean late hours, a reduced class schedule, and participation in a lot of formal foolishness which I find difficult to reconcile with my non-conformist attitudes.”

*more Quotes here and here, many are repeats, but worth repeating


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