A month of Non-Missions Photos

I’ve decided to lighten up a bit on the blog – it’s been a heavy year. And, after a Google search to try to figure out what has been wrong with me lately, I discovered I have a classic case of Missionary Burnout.

So, as a result – I won’t be talking about missions for the next month. Yeah, you’re probably happy – I’m good at beating that dead dog, I know.

I need a break from all things missions, and need to focus elsewhere for a while. No needy people, no poverty, no stories of near-death experiences (okay, I may exaggerate a bit). For the next month I’ll be posting pictures, maybe a few words if I can manage it, from our lives here – just every day “normal” things – normal being a VERY relative word.

I am aware that pictures of kids are cute and make blogs more interesting, but I have a strict rule about not posting pictures of my kids on our blog (if you couldn’t tell) – so my apologies about the lack of adorable little people in my pictures. My life is my kids, and my pictures and stories don’t always represent accurately how much time and energy I actually dedicate to them.

So, without further ado – DAY 1 Non-Missions Photo:

I like my milk and condiments in a bag, don’t you?



3 thoughts on “A month of Non-Missions Photos

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with all the bagged foods we get here :) I can finally (most of the time) get the milk in the pitcher without spilling it. I pour it into the pitcher rather than simply setting the bag in the pitcher like most do because, done that way, it inevitably dribbles. No matter what I do, it dribbles.

    I’ve also learned to squeeze as much out of the mayo or ketchup as I can (and then I cut off the top and squeeze out the final bit). My biggest complain is storing them. Some stand up okay on the shelf and others are so floppy that it creates a domino effect at times and they all come cascading down. And the milk bags take up a lot more shelf space in the fridge than a simple carton with the same amount would.

    What I do like about the bagged goods is that they come in smaller packages which works well for us, since there are only two of us now.

    Hope you get the rest you need to recover from missionary burnout. It’s a bear to deal with, and one of the things I’ve learned is that it really, REALLY helps to have some type of hobby or thing you like to do… and do it regularly! For me that’s sewing. Which is funny considering I almost flunked home ec in high school :) But I find that being creative with fabric is a stress-reducing activity for me. I also really like to read and a few years after we arrived in Argentina we invested in a Kindle (the older, basic one). Lots of free (or almost free) books are available and I don’t have to wait for them to be shipped from the states now. Or get lost in transit, as happened a few times.

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