My clothes storage system

There is absolutely next to no storage here in this little tiny house. The boxes of clothes we brought for the kids as they grow are piled high on top of a closet.

the numbers either represent clothes sizes, or number labels required to bring the container through customs

Most of these clothes were given to us by relatives or friends. Many are also clothes I saved from Girl Number One for Girl Number Two – and am SO GLAD I did! The gaps we filled in at more thrift store visits than I’d like to remember, and the JCPenney going out of business sale, before we left. Clothes cost a fortune in Argentina, and the quality is not great. People often say things to us like, “Wow, I like that jacket. You didn’t buy that here, did you?“. Then people feel bad when we tell them we spent $20 for it, when it would cost 200 dollars here.

And, of course, being the cheap tightwad at heart that I am, I am so happy that we haven’t had to buy a single item since we’ve been here. I’m so, so glad now that I made the sacrifice of all the time and effort it required to come prepared. It has paid off, and we have saved tons of money this way. We won’t have to buy clothes for a solid two, perhaps three years here, and that makes me very happy since I don’t like shopping.

*My frugal storage system is a la Tightwad Gazette. Works fantastic.

*click both links to find out how to do it


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