Another neighborhood fire

This was the view outside my window a few weeks ago.

By the time I ran to get the camera, the 10 foot flames burning in the neighbor’s yard had been brought under control. They were way over the guy’s head. He must have been burning his lawn (perhaps to fertilize it) or burning trash. There are little to no regulations on burning here that I am aware of, and the fruit plantations burn the underbrush in their orchards all the time. It’s really not healthy for all the people who live here, since the smoke often just hangs in the air, mixing with dust. No one seems to complain too much, though, or seem outraged. It just is. *group shoulder shrug*

I kept the kids inside until the smoke cleared, lecturing everyone again about how inhaled smoke, pollution, volcanic ash, or too much desert dust creates the perfect environment for those upper respiratory illnesses we love so much.

And you don’t want to get sick again, do you? I asked.


No!, was their quick and understanding response.  I think they’re getting it.

Learning to live in South America. Fun times. Always.


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