remote road

Route 2 between Choele Choel and San Antonio Oeste

This is a rural route in Patagonia where there is no radio reception for hours – not a novelty, really, in Patagonia – but it was for us the first time we drove it. If I could upload the video I took of our car radio searching for a station straight through then flipping over again without finding one, I would. It was surreal, slightly anxiety provoking, and cool all at the same time. This three hour stretch of road between two towns did not have cell phone reception, a gas station, or anywhere to stop for a potty break, snack, or water. There was one, lone, run-down house at the hour-and-a-half mark, but nothing else. Living in Patagonia has redefined our definition of “too far away” or “too far to drive”. An eight hour drive is now “not too far”. Anywhere past 15 minutes a year ago was “too far” to drive for us. Funny how things change. :)


2 thoughts on “remote road

  1. I was actually just searching go*gle images the other day for the perfect pic for “the road less traveled” for a blog post I was thinking of. I was looking for a lonely road in the middle of nowhere. I think I found it! haha! Wow, that is a solitary road, isn’t it? I can see how you have to expand your “circle” and comfort level to get done what you need to get done in your world and have NO fear. My daughter started driving last year, and I decided to encourage her to drive into the city, across town and to wherever she needs to go and also learn to follow a map. I myself, often drive all over FL and sometimes out of state for jobs, by myself. I never want to feel afraid to venture out of my circle. I know parents here at school who never leave this part of Polk County! Seriously, they never drive out of it! Well, you just showed me that that bravery can be taken to a higher level!

    • Feel free to use the picture, Annie! And I understand people never leaving their comfort zone – wish I didn’t have to sometimes either! lol Good for you encouraging your daughter – good reminder that we need to encourage them to be brave and not feed fear in them.

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