R&R in Puerto Madryn

Southern Right Whale, El Doradillo Beach, Puerto Madryn

Two weeks ago we escaped for a couple of days to the beach for some much needed R&R.  The Southern Right Whales come right up to the beach and roll lazily in the surf for hours.

The whales – estimated at up to 2,000 in the gulf – are immense and beautiful, and there is nothing like a free whale watch from 30 feet away on the shore, all day long if you want it. It’s my new favorite beach in the whole wide world (and I don’t even likethe beach. I know, I’m odd). Puerto Madryn is also the nicest town I’ve ever been to in Argentina, hands down.

Here is an excellent piece on the importance of rest on the mission field, as Christians, as humans – anywhere. I wish we had been better at this our first year here.


2 thoughts on “R&R in Puerto Madryn

  1. Good to hear you got some R&R and good article. I was struck as I read through the O.T. again recently how much God told his people to rest, not only on the sabbath but on special days, weeks, years etc. Most notably I noticed recently that the LORD told the Levites to cease from their regular work in the temple after age 50. Interesting. I had never noticed that before. Of course I don’t think that means we should all move to Florida or a cruise ship after age 50 and I do believe all this emphasis on rest for God’s people in the O.T. pointed to Christ’s work on the cross giving us the ultimate “rest” from our works, but we do need to make sure we are still getting those times of refreshing. I always find I am a much more effective mom/wife/homeschooler after a break.

    My mom was telling me as well how missionaries from their church aren’t really doing the furlough thing any more either but are taking more frequent shorter breaks. I think it’s a good thing.

    Beautiful picture! Absolutely beautiful!

    • Yes, I agree. We, especially Americans, have so much to learn about rest. We don’t do it right, that is for sure. I know Tony and I have a lot to learn about it, that is for sure. And yes, the face of missions is really changing, including how long people are overseas and how they takes rests and whatnot. Totally different than 100 years ago. That is awesome your parents’ church support missionaries. Just awesome.

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