more Whale Therapy

German tourist and whale

The beach drops off pretty quickly at El Doradillo, allowing the whales to get very close to the shore. Which they apparently love, because that’s where they hang out all day, many mommas and their baby calves. When they come up to breathe you can hear the deep, hollow, resonating sound of their lungs the size of cars, and they actually watch you watching them. The mommas literally get between you and their calves. When the kids played next to the beach, they just hung out there. When Tony and I walked down to the beach, they’d swim away a little. They knew we were adults somehow. We did this over and over again, and they reacted the same way each time. Incredible.

More Whale Therapy. Important to avoid more moments like this.


2 thoughts on “more Whale Therapy

  1. Again, so cool! And another great blog that you linked to. It’s so great to have the “community” of other bloggers on the internet that you can relate to so you don’t feel alone and crazy. I know that helped us tremendously when we were dealing with our stress with P. You know people pay big bucks for whale therapy and you have it right there!

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