Non-missions photos, Week 3: at Wal-Mart

An abrochadora [above] is a stapler. Ours fell and broke during the finally days of packing last year while we were boxing up the computer and desk supplies. I shrugged and thought, “Oh, no big deal. I’ll just buy one later.”

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. If I had only known.

So we went to Walmart the other day for the second time since we’ve been here. Yes, there’s a Walmart here. The only one in Patagonia. I was really excited, until I actually went the first time. Tony thinks it’s just like the Walmart back home. I furrow my brow at him and remind him that it is NOT exactly the Walmart back home. Precisely why we almost never go there. Way too poorly stocked and way too overpriced for a Walmart. And with a three-year-old who touches everything, no thanks, I’ll just stay home.

But, anyway, back to my story.

Staplers, like just about everything else in Argentina, are ridiculously expensive. To find out the price of anything, we just divide roughly by 4 (4.25 if you want to be more exact) to get the price in dollars.

This stapler costs fifty dollars. A stapler, for the love of God!

Suffice to say, we never bought another one. I mean, how badly do we really need a stapler? It is probably a good guess to say that most Argentines don’t own a stapler either. I mean, who needs one that bad?


6 thoughts on “Non-missions photos, Week 3: at Wal-Mart

    • Angie, actually I didn’t buy it, I was just stunned when I noticed the price of the only stapler available to buyers in the only Walmart in all of Patagonia. And that one roll of Scotch tape and the scissors had security tags on them. It was more of a cultural moment. But thanks for the link, although personally I wouldn’t buy anything online in Argentina. But, I’m sure you’re right, there have got to be cheaper staplers out there.

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