math as a form of torture

I’ve been meaning to write this big update about how homeschooling on the frontier is going after a year here and all that blah blah, but the truth is, after six years of homeschooling – I just don’t want to do this anymore.


And THIS is why: Math.

Ugh. I used to like math. Until I had to teach it.

We don’t like math anymore.

Thank God for Teaching Textbooks, or math would be completely intolerable. Teaching Textbooks is almost completely hands-off: it teaches, corrects, and grades, all without me needing to do a thing. Hallelujah. Help from me is only needed in proportion to the number and volume of moans heard eminating from in front of the computer screen.

So, because we’re doing pretty well on the math front, we might be taking a little break from the torture now that summer’s coming. Praise the Lord, because there’s only so much torture we can take.


4 thoughts on “math as a form of torture

  1. Hello Dear ones!!! We love TT here, too…well, you know that! :) I miss you. I hate that you’re not on FB anymore. Email me….I cannot find your email address!!! I don’t know why my computer is eating information….but it has!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

    • Krista! I’ll email you. Love you all and miss you all so much, too! But math – UGH! – so over it. The public school fairies have been dancing in my head A LOT lately. Kids promptly burst into tears at my threats and pray daily that God would “change my heart” and “not send them to that evil place that is torture for ALL kids” end quote. They sure have a way of making me feel bad about it… LOL.

  2. I tried to give up teaching textbooks this year to save money and because it was (in my opinion) a little behind. That lasted all of about 2 weeks for one child and 4 weeks for the other child. So it’s a little behind, just buy the next year up. Duh! Now the kids run to do math first thing in the morning and there are no more tears! I think I first decided to do it because of you recommending it so thank you a million times over. It saves my brain for the fun stuff that I am good at and want to do!

    • Christy, TT is “a little behind” about a half a year it seems, but we are one year “ahead”, so on track I suppose. But it’s such torture anymore I could care less about behind or ahead or whatever. Summer break here we come, because I am so over this torture!!! I’m glad you like it. TT is salvation for many homeschoolers. I’m so glad Krista told ME about it or someone’d be dead or insane by now. :)

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