good eats: spinach pie

Tony’s working {a paid job} today.

And it’s fly season. I’ve killed two so far indoors. I grew up on a farm, so flies and fly tape above the dining room table were normal. They never bothered me until I moved here. They are disgusting, sometimes HUGE, disease-carrying pests now. I will not be happy for the next 8 months. Yes, eight months. Lord help me.

I’m supposed to be writing a newsletter today, and homeschooling. But I’m having a hard time with either one of these, so here’s a recipe instead: *Spinach Pie. YUM-O!

*If you look closely you can see the leftover cup of rice I mixed in there somewhere. I also used half collard greens/half spinach, but fell short – there should be many more greens in there; I’m notorious for not following recipes. The leeks also make this dish; I will never use regular onions again. I’m hooked on Katie’s/Marta’s recipe , it’s much better than the one I’ve used for 13 years. Thanks, Katie {and Marta!}, for sharing!


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