One year and an ibis – totally unrelated

White-faced Ibis

We landed in Argentina one year ago today! I guess we should be celebrating or something, but here we are at 1:30 in the morning, me finishing up a newsletter and Tony watching an old black and white. We are excitement exemplified.

Tonight was kind of exciting. We almost beat up the neighbors’ dogs. They bark and bark and bark and bark. The owners don’t mind since they are both deaf. We had to write them a note (Shut your dogs up. We can’t sleep!) and leave it for them. The owner came out, read the note, and Tony gesticulated to him wildly. We couldn’t believe they quieted the dogs instead of getting mad at us, like our neighbors have always done in the past when confronted by their totally nightmare behaviors. Which is good, because Tony was about to kick them – the dogs, that is. It is so bad we can’t sleep at night. They just bark and bark and bark and bark. As we stood outside at 11pm giving the dogs the evil eye, discussing what to do, I asked out loud to the air, “Why do we always have neighbors from hell? Why??

I don’t know,” Tony said. “Satan?

As we came in carrying on to each other about our newest situation with neighbors, the kids said, “I don’t know, I’m kind of used to it. They bark all the time. It’s like, familiar or something.”

What would Jesus do?, we always ask ourselves (well, when we’re thinking, and not wanting to kick dogs into next week).

I don’t know the answer to that. I really don’t know. He, Jesus, could sleep on a little boat through storms; we can’t!

(This is where I’m supposed to insert a Bible verse and get all spiritual. But after a year of trials such as these – this one being a very mild one – I really can’t say it gets any easier. Does it get any easier? Not for me. I still dream of my little farmette in the country with NO neighbors where I have my little orchard of apple trees that I wake up to gaze out upon, just me and my coffee. It’s an escape mechanism. :))





5 thoughts on “One year and an ibis – totally unrelated

  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Nick and I still sob obnoxiously when we pass your old house. (Yes, we’re weird, but you already knew that. It’s gotten to the point where we do it just because it annoys the kids so much. lol)

    We are blessed with two nocturnal barking dogs outside of our bedroom window, too. Their owners, however, are not deaf, and I cannot figure out how they can sleep through it. It gets old in a hurry, even for a dog lover like myself!

    Praying for you guys…

  2. It’s really the little things that put us over the edge isn’t it? Not that I think barking dogs is a little thing at all. We have had that in times past and once with a relatives dogs. I really thought I was going to shoot the dog one night I was so insanely tired, and I just did not care if they were made at me for the rest of my life. Barking dogs could be a form of torture.

    We will pray that God shuts their mouths like he shut the lions’ mouths for the sake of your sanity, sleep, and neighbor relations. :)

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