happy day :)

First I need to clarify something before I tell you about our very happy day. In my last post I probably made it sound like we told our neighbors to shut up – we didn’t. You’d have to understand Spanish a bit more I guess to understand fully, so let me explain. The Spanish verb callar means “to keep quiet, to be silent, to silence, to hush” and can {depending on your tone} in the colloquial mean to shut up. Which is what I wanted to say, of course, in a red-headed moment, after having had to listen incessantly to the crazy-making, non-stop barking for weeks, months, a year.

But, seeing as our neighbors are deaf, we had to write them a note. Our note reading more like “Quiet your dogs.” We definitely did not want to convey a nice-nice,“Can you please possibly consider quieting your sweet little preciouses?” but we did try very, very, very hard to not blow up and start yelling “SHUT UP!” (okay, me). We wanted to be clear, yes. And, you know, nice people get walked all over – at least in our experience. I suppose if Tony had let me march on over across the street I quite possibly perhaps maybe would have said “Shut your dumb dogs up! I can’t stand it anymore!” in my angst, but perceptive husband saw my agitation and went over instead. Good thing. I’ll have to ask him, but I wonder what the tone of his wild gesticulations conveyed exactly: “quiet” or “shut up”. Not sure if gesticulations can convey tone as well, though… Anyway, I wanted to clear that up in case anyone was wondering if we actually told our neighbors to shut up. It was tempting. I hope people wouldn’t think that we actually did {although I guess I did make it sound like we did}. And yes, if you are wondering – miracle of miracles – the dogs are quiet now, at least at night. But, alas and nevermind…

Back to our happy day. It was very happy, indeed. We received three, count ’em THREE packages in the mail today. Several people had offered to send us some stuff, and we took them all up on it. One needs much peanut butter when living abroad. Much. All three packages arrived on the same day. Tony went down to the Customs office with the notices that had been left in our mail box and waited in line for just about forever to get them out. He then had to pay 200 pesos (almost $50) in customs fees. But it was worth it. Very, very worth it, I assured Tony when he got home. It was Christmas in October. I wish you could have heard the girls screams of “OHMYGOSHMOMMY, POP TARTS!!!” or “OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOSHMOM, PEANUT BUTTER! LOOK AT ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER!!!”

Yes, it was a happy day.

Thank you Jo and Staci and Amanda and Dale & Vicki and Jon & Alana and Chris & Krista and anybody else that contributed. BLESS YOU! {and bless all the other kind people that support us in so many different ways}. You can’t imagine how happy it all made us. We have peanut butter for about a year (if I can keep the vultures away and successfully ration precious spoonfuls), tons of absolutely beautiful beads to keep the girls busy crafting and creating, and my precious, precious Tylenol that I cannot get here – and so much more. Brown sugar, the biggest bag of chocolate chips I have ever seen, M&Ms and a few perfect toys.

I don’t think we can receive anything else for a while, though. Although I definitely think it was worth it, we did notice that it cost $50-$100 just to send a small box. Plus what we paid on this end. Plus the fact that Tony’s had it with customs and was pretty upset with them when he came home. Every trip there takes up the whole morning waiting in line, and you never know if you’re going to get a nice person or not. Today he got a not nice person who said he had to pay 290 pesos just to get the boxes out, and you’re not allowed to send medicine through the mail (now how could we know that?). Tony informed her that he only had 200 pesos on him, so the lady said “Fine” and took it in an impatient huff. The receipt he was handed said “Books and Candy, Value 400 pesos ($100), 50% import tax = 200 pesos”. The value they arbitrarily assign themselves. If you want your stuff you have to pay up. Never mind that there wasn’t a single book in our boxes. Never mind that the other books we actually got they said we didn’t have to pay import taxes on.

But it was worth it. SO VERY WORTH IT. We are happy. And I think, if I’m careful, I can make the peanut butter and nutella and brown sugar and chocolate chips last quite possibly another year!

Happy day!



5 thoughts on “happy day :)

  1. Oh goody… I was praying and thinking about how to get you some Choco. chips, brown sugar, nuttella and P.B. Maybe even throw in a stapler with staples. ;)
    I’m glad you were blessed way before I could get around to it.

    • Thanks, Bev. I had tons of things I wanted to do when my kids were all 5 and under – some of it I can sort of sometimes actually can get around to now that two at least can eat, get dressed and wipe their own bottoms by themselves.

      For the record, let it be said that this is THE BEST peanut butter I think we have tasted in our lives! We swoon over every spoonful. LOL :)

  2. Woohoo! It is indeed a happy day when goodies arrive from afar. Hooray for peanut butter…I’m all out at the moment, but I’m expecting a shipment any day now.

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