public bathrooms, squatty potties, and BYOTP

Public bathrooms are extremely hard to come by here in Argentina. They’re as rare as dinosaurs, and businesses are pretty strict about only letting paid customers use their often times less-than-clean restrooms. Every once in a while you come across a kind shop owner who will let you use their restroom, but it’s wise to plan ahead of time. As in, plan on not having to go because you might find yourself in a very public place and plumb out of luck.

This pottie was a rare treat: a PUBLIC bathroom. I spotted it in Puerto Piramides – as in the Peninsula Valdez Puerto Piramides. Never heard of it? Of course you haven’t – it’s in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Hence my shock. I even remember exclaiming to my daughter, “Ohmygoshareyoukidding? A PUBLIC bathroom? I can’t believe it! Let’s go check it out just for fun!“.

We trudged over, searched for the not-so-well-marked entrance to the Damas [Ladies] bathroom, and were met with a surprisingly clean squattie pottie {Bring-Your-Own-Toiletpaper, of course. I always do.}.

When we travel – meaning, anytime we leave the city limits – I ALWAYS have an ample supply of Toilet Paper. Kleenex works, too. And a trash bag because we don’t litter. And water in bottles to rinse our hands (you can’t count on the faucet to actually work and supply water, no, can’t count on that). And germ gel; used to hate the stuff. But in the States we always had access to clean running water. Not here, no sirree. Here we have germ gel stashed all over the place: in the front seat, in the back seat, refills under the kitchen sink. I really never cared about germs and never even made my kids wash their hands before eating. Strange, I know – considering my grandmother was a nurse and my mom her assistant. They were different times. Tony was all about washing hands, and the kids do it because of him. But now I’m as germ allergic as the next mom. I miss the good ol’ days when I didn’t care, or have much reason to care, about germs. I often think I am so ridiculous – it’s not like we live in malarial Africa or anything. I mean, chillax, Chris. But I Can’t. Won’t. Wouldn’t be wise… considering our health history here. And our public bathroom issues. And now squatty potties.


One thought on “public bathrooms, squatty potties, and BYOTP

  1. Very Nice Squatty potty. Even a trash can for the TP. Porcelein insert and tiles too! Wow. … you hit pay dirt on that one. I also have photos like this in my albums. It’s so good to know that what makes you happy makes me happy too. Gives new meaning to Philippians 4:8 doesn’t it? Love you girl!

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