Non-mission Photos, Week 4: field trip day

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Museum of Fine Arts]

We recently took the kids on a field trip after our long, hard winter indoors. Attempts at homeschooling must go on. There is an art museum here in town. It’s small, but nice. The paintings are European and 19th and 20th century Argentine. Very pretty. Very, very refreshing to weary eyes. The kids were ho-hum about it. Except maybe the one with the completely naked lady. They found that one particularly interesting.

“You know, music, art – these are not just little decorations to make life prettier.

They’re very deep necessitites which people cannot live without.”

~Pablo Picasso


2 thoughts on “Non-mission Photos, Week 4: field trip day

  1. Great quote by Picasso. Very very true. We must constantly be looking for truth, goodness and beauty in everything we study, or it is all flat and meaningless. Looking for those things ultimately points us to the one who is the epitome and source of all truth, goodness and beauty. I have to try so hard to keep that thought at the forefront of my mind as we do our lessons each day and not let pragmatism and utilitarianism crowd it out.

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