the last of the non-missions photos: evil hawks

It’s been nice to take a break for a month here from talking about missions, at least directly. I needed it. There is much to share that’s happened in the past month, but I thought I’d throw the last of the non-missions photos up before I attempt to write down any of the pretty normal, always intense, missions stuff which is always going on.

As soon as the evil dogs stopped yapping, we started being bothered immediately by savannah hawks. It’s just demonic, and we just laugh, almost crazily now, because what is there left to do? A couple nested on our roof – we had never seen or heard them before – and started attacking our windows every morning, and all day long. They’re obviously not very smart and can’t seem to figure out that their reflection is not another hawk. They make quite a racket pecking, clawing, attacking and throwing themselves at our windows every morning as soon as there is a hint of light in the sky, when we want to sleep just a little bit longer. We get up and open and slam close the windows to scare them, Tony even crazily running out to spray them with the hose, but they come back every time, sometimes diving at us like we’re the enemy. Whatever. We give up. Quiet, we are sure, is something that only exists in the United States.

psycho hawk


7 thoughts on “the last of the non-missions photos: evil hawks

  1. So sorry you are going through this! Been praying through Paul’s prayer in Col 1 for you, which includes steadfastness and patience with joy….

    Haha–Chris (my hubby that is) says to go up on the roof and get rid of the nest, since their aggressiveness is no doubt related to their protective instincts for it! :) praying! Love, Jane F

    • Thanks, Jane. Yes, Chris is right – they were acting very territorial. It wasn’t so bad, more freakish and annoying – not anywhere near what the yappy dogs are! Keep praying… still waiting on the “joy” part. :)

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