at the river

Tony took the boys from the home to the river. A real treat. They have no car there at the home, no way to get out but to walk or take the bus, so this was something special since the river is miles away. The tíos (caretakers) went, too, for crowd control. These are rowdy boys.

They drove to a spot that can only be reached by car, crossing a bridge, driving through a little village (which looks like a shanty town),

and winding back along the river through big stands of poplars and fruit plantations.

searching for lizards in the desert bushes


they found one

What did I do? Nothing. As usual. Since losing our health I just stay home all day with my kids. It’s boring. I should be homeschooling them (but that’s another post I may never write). The first year here I did so much, we did so much. Our kids were involved, we did missions together. Now we don’t, and it’s boring. But we lost our health and I’m not willing to risk permanently losing it. I don’t feel called to be a martyr, so at home we stay. I don’t know what my blood pressure is these days. Although it finally came down to normal, I’ve been too scared this month to go get it taken to see if it still is (I need one of those blood pressure things so I can take it myself – here I have to go the pharmacy or clinic). I’m afraid maybe it’s gone back up. So I just stay home and try to stay calm, keeping my kids away from germs and danger. Silly, I know. I hope people don’t think we’re superhero missionaries. I hope people don’t think what we do is particularly amazing. Sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes it looks dreadfully ordinary and not so amazing. Like staying home – it’s so boring. I don’t know what to do most days, so I just cast myself on the mercy of God. There’s enough grace for that, right? I wonder if Moses was bored in the desert. But, it is what it is. The cookie has crumbled this way, our second year here. Not the way I planned, not the way I want, and I’m certainly not happy about it, any of it. At least Tony is still doing stuff, he does a lot. He does everything now, really. Thank God he does so much, it makes me feel at least justified being here when I feel so useless and my kids aren’t even all that happy. It’s great for Tony, but boring for the rest of us since we only have one car.

Did I mention how bored I am? Yes, I think I did.

the boys took pictures of each other

and themselves

When they got back to the home, they showed Tony the petrified wood they found on the property. Patagonia is a geologist’s dream. It’s so cool – dinosaurs everywhere, petrified wood in your back yard, fossils and post Ice Age fluvial deposits everywhere. A rock geek’s dream.

petrified tree

{I don’t know why wordpress labels all my pictures “SWEET” or why it stretches out some of my uploaded photos and not others. I don’t seem to have much blog luck here. I do wonder if it’s our internet connection. Today my pictures uploaded lickety-split, I felt like I was on US high-speed! Ah, third world internet, such a fun adventure.}


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