heat wave, suckers, summer vacay

We are in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures have been over 90 all week – that would be the “without A/C over 90 degrees”… The holes the hot desert sun bores through your skin is a reminder that summer equinox is right around the corner. It’s HOT. But if you’re in the shade, the temps drop about 10 degrees and it’s really not that bad (yet). And there’s little humidity; I do at least like that about the desert.

We now have a cat. We are magnets for strays. He just showed up one day and started meowing and rubbing his mangey self up against my kids’ legs.

I tried shoo-ing him and forbade the kids from even touching the mangey thing – that has God only knows what germs and diseases. But this cat is phased by nothing. Within two days he was allowing himself to be carried around and petted and called “my boyfriend” by my three-year old. I’m such a sucker. We think God sent him, though. When your nine-year old starts saying, “I just told the cat all my woes. He listened to me. He’s my best friend,” you realize it may be a little more than just a mangey street cat. He is so gentle and mellow, and curls his dirty little self up in their laps for hours. They pet him and talk to him and feed him leftovers and little bowls of milk.

he certainly knows how to work it

I just hope this best friend/boyfriend doesn’t meet any unforeseen demise. Tony and I have reached our limit for pets that die, and we can’t handle anymore crying kids.

In torturous homeschooling news: We are very close to finishing 4th and 7th grade math. Hallelujah! I hate math now as much as my kids. It’s absolute torture for all of us to plow through, so I’m happier than they are that we are almost done for the year. While they’d be just starting 4th and 7th grade back home, they are getting ready the end it here. Our summer vacation starts in December. We can’t wait. We ended up adapting to a southern hemisphere academic schedule. Even though I tried to maintain a Sept-June schedule, it just wasn’t feasible. Doing school when it’s 100 out and no A/C did not work.


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