going political for just one second

Two years ago when I started blogging I decided to never mention politics here.  Why? I had a very short-lived and passionate interest in politics once, which messed with my brain a liiiiittlebit too much, so I gave it up. Yes, I care about what happens in politics, and occasionally find the time to check the (mostly depressing) US and global news, but only to the extent enough to finally get around to googling “absentee ballot/how to vote from overseas” the day of the actual election. (Um, yeah, just a tad bit too late on that one.)

Anyway, I read this today and thought it was very refreshing. A nice and unusual – as in, I’ve never heard anyone approach politics from this angle – way for Christians in particular to look at politics. Amen for the truths in it, which I find freeing.

Any thoughts, opinions? Agree? Disagree?

Okay, going back into my non-political hole again… and you’ll have to guess who I would have voted for. (hint: not too hard)


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