this week’s cell phone dump

This week we had several higlights, several low points (well, a lot. always), and one once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are the pictures (apologies about the poor quality, I haven’t used our regular camera in a while).

Field Trip with the boys to the Museum of Fine Arts

the new exhibit was: the Statue of Liberty in… cherries?

cutting the overgrown yard at the boys’ home with a weed wacker

At one point the director looked at Tony struggling with the knee- to waist-high grass getting wound up in the weed wacker and said, “Look what you’ve gotten yourself into coming here.”

the yard before (background) and after (foreground)

Somebody’s got to, or no one will do it. The government doesn’t give children’s homes here much money. And they don’t own a lawnmower, nor can they buy one. Tony had to rent one (a big thank you to our supporters we could afford it ~ THANK YOU!).

The boys were so happy with how it turned out. What a difference. Tony was there all day weed-wacking acres of overgrown yard, and only got half of it done.

Another visit to Victor at the hospital. Victor doesn’t know he will not be allowed back at the home. His behavior is too aggressive. Violence is all he’s known. Some of the caretakers at the home were recently fired for beating some of the boys, Victor was one of them.

We hear so many stories here it’s just mind-boggling.

One of the nice lady caretakers at the home came to visit Victor. She is a Christian and always prays for the boys. She is one of the people that reported the abuse against the boys. Fortunately two of the workers have already been fired for hitting the boys.

The path of the Nov. 13 Total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon.

The purple line is the area where a total eclipse was visible. We were in the partial eclipse zone.

7:48pm and eyes plastered to the little pinhole of light shining through the pin prick in the aluminum foil

Purely amateur, but our resources are limited. We learned that looking directly at the sun or a partial eclipse can blind you because it burns the retinal cones in your eye. You don’t feel any pain because there are no nerve endings in your retinal cones, so you just stare and stare, unaware that you are being blinded. Blindness can be temporary or permanent, and you may not notice the effects until hours after exposure. That is why you should NEVER look directly at the sun! Glad we know why now. Scary.

This is the best my camera could do during partial eclipse. Oh, well.

If you look very closely at the little pin prick of light you can see the moon blocking the sun forming a crescent. Cool!


He adopted us, not us him. We can’t get rid of him now. So, of course, the girls are distraught at what will happen to him when we go away. I don’t know, he’s a street cat, I say. This is South America. There are millions of strays here. Meanwhile, we continue to be total suckers and search for someone to feed him the bag of cat food I can’t believe I bought him while we are gone. He really is sweet. They don’t get much sweeter really. He’s just silly puddy in the kids’ hands. I’ve never seen a more docile kitty; he lets them do anything to him. I kind of wonder if he might be half brain dead or something.

a couple killed in the accident

I went to the bank one morning – the ATM we often use. It was closed and there was a long, long line outside. I asked the guard what what going on, he said the building was closed because the same guy who built the defective building that collapsed killing many, built the bank. They had a mobile bank with two trailers parked in the street. If I wanted to use the ATM I had to wait in line. I walked back to the car, making sure I was walking out from under the cement awning which hangs over the sidewalk, just to be safe.

cooling off

The sausage sandwich stand Tony sometimes frequents; the owner wants to visit the boys’ home and make sausage sandwiches for the kids one day soon. That’s Tony… always making friends.

they know our car and often wave to me thinking it’s Tony

a pile of tracts in the car, the 120v-220v converter for any appliances we need to charge, box of Kleenex (good for potty breaks, too), two bottles of Germ Gel (on left. you can never have too many)


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