I saw this here. Just joining in for fun. And because when I have a lot of things to do, I procrastinate by doing completely meaningless things not on my list.


Outside my window… the sun is shining. It’s warm but not hot, dry, nice breeze. DD9 is running around the house with an empty plastic bottle tied to string while DD3 chases her calling her a loser. lol they are so weird {mental note: too many YouTube Recess episodes}

I am thinking… about all I have to do in the next three days before we leave for the States!

I am thankful… for health, for God’s goodness, for friends, for family. For mercies new every day.

In the kitchen… nothing is cooking. Trying to eat all the leftovers and perishables.

I am wearing… blue capris (below) and my husband’s bright lime green t-shirt {now it’s mine}.

I am creating… a list of all the things I need to procure, scrounge up, buy, thrift-shop, beg for, stock up on while we are in the States.

I am going… to church tomorrow morning for the first time in a while. I actually have our only car tomorrow. I really miss having my own car!

I am wondering… how awesome it’s going to be to go HOME!

I am reading… who has time to read?

I am hoping… I can get a Kindle in the States. Maybe then I can read while hiding in my room late, late at night.

I am looking forward to… going to the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. I really am. I cried when I got off the phone with them because they were, like… efficient and had a… get this… easy and quick solution to our expired son’s passport problem {EDIT: son’s expired passport. my son hasn’t expired, just his passport.}. Did you know you can get an emergency US passport in the same day overseas? God bless America.

I am learning… the infinite and abounding kindness of God.

Around the house… uh. not much. Packing? Husband got a three-day weekend job out of town so I’m actually loving being able to get it all done.

I am pondering… uh. not much. Too busy pondering going home. Would it be shallow to say I am pondering all the good, fattening foods I plan on stuffing my shameless face with oh so very soon??

A favorite quote for today… 1 cor. 7-9 i read this morning. “he should do as he wants. he is not sinning… but the man who has settled the matter in his own mind, who is under no compulsion but has control over his own will, and who has made up his mind… this man also does the right thing.” WOW.

One of my favorite things… going home?

A few plans for the rest of the week: heading off to Buenos Aires by way of the coast! Looking forward to meeting Tony’s uncle in Bahia Blanca and seeing an American bloggy friend in Necochea, possibly Tony’s best friend’s mom in Mar del Plata, not sure yet. NOT looking forward to Buenos Aires, although the Embassy might be fun.

A peek into my day… coffee IV, bible, blog post, newsletter I haven’t started, tutored math (one last quiz and boy is DONE!), mothering, laundry, lunch, store, lecture to my girls about how you can’t act like that in the States so please get ready by understanding that you can’t run all over the supermarket like all the other wild children and no you can’t sit on the belt where you put your groceries, tried to pay a bill but the pay booth no longer exists so oh well, printed several important papers at the computer place since we don’t have a printer, it shockingly went off without a hitch, bought some road-tripping food {“treats” like sliced white bread for the nutella that came in the mail yay, and cereal, and long-life milk in boxes}, filled out passport application sitting outside in the warm spring sun, possibly found someone to house-sit which would be great, procrastinated on cleaning the bathroom, hopefully will clean it tonight, dinner, maybe write that newsletter later, maybe procrastinate some more.

had to go back to last summer to find a (decent) picture of me. blue capris. the same shoes i always wear.
el chocón, neuquén, patagonia: looking for dinosaur tracks on a very VERY windy day. :)


6 thoughts on “daybook

  1. I Love sarcasm, it runs rampant in our home!
    When I read “expired son’s passport”, I was thinking that your son had expired, but I couldn’t figure out why you sounded so chipper…I figured it out ;-)
    Hello from Minnesota

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