We have been back in the U.S. for seven wonderful weeks visiting family and friends, driving on smooth roads, and indulging in amazingly novel and delicious foods like Cool Ranch Doritos, and Mexican, and Hazelnut Coffeemate.


The first time I went to the supermarket (at 9 at night, and I wasn’t afraid in the parking lot!) I must have stood in front of the coffee section for a full ten minutes completely overwhelmed by over thirty different brands of just coffee. The Starbucks was the same price as our coffee in Argentina: Coffee A and Coffee B.  I happily grabbed a bag of Starbucks, not feeling guilty at all since it’s what I spend in Argentina every time I want to drink coffee. My awe continued as I moved to the check out and the lady was so nice, greeting me with a smile and did you find everything you need? and have a great night!

People smile a lot here, and laugh a lot, too. And why wouldn’t they? America is beautiful, and life is wonderful here. We can’t believe how quiet it is. No barking dogs, no honking horns, no trash everywhere – just rolling green hills and Canada geese honking here and there. Beautiful.

We didn’t experience any reverse culture shock, which is a first for me. It’s like we never left. The kids were THRILLED to see and play with their friends, who happily hadn’t forgotten them in a year and a half. It’s nice to be where people know you and love you anyway, you don’t have to explain or defend yourself, and you are just known and accepted. Very refreshing, very rejuvinating, very healing. We needed this.

We leave to go back to Argentina in five days. Crunch-time packing and squeezing in a few more visits. Sorry, no pics – haven’t taken a one since we’ve been back. Too busy enjoying our time to stop and take pictures. And I’ve been reading. Reading a lot. Ah, the public library. How we’ve all missed it; it’s a beautiful thing. 

I can’t post any pics from my super old laptop, but maybe back in Argentina I’ll pick up blogging again.