buggin’ n books

I’ve been killing spiders all week. It’s unbelievable how many insects moved in while we were gone. I’ll spare the arachnophobes pictures (not having any luck uploading pictures, anyway), but yesterday I killed the most monstrous one I’ve seen yet; a picture wouldn’t do it justice. I was closing the front gate, about to grab the chain to secure it, when I saw it six inches from my unknowing hand. It was big and green and yellow and brown and hanging upside down from its web next to the gate. It was as big as my palm. Of course, I screamed. The neighbors have heard me scream a lot this week. Earlier I yelped when a wasp came zooming towards me. It had made a nest in the bricks we laid loosely down next to the side door so as not to track so much dirt into the house. It didn’t appreciate being sprayed with the hose. [Mental Note: Don’t spray wasps with hose.] The dirt blows in any way under the door and floats in through the window, too. The dirt doesn’t care. I dust and within a few hours there is a thin coat of dirt again. This means our house is always dirty. I’m not much of a cleaner to begin with. My daughter summed up life here well, “After being in the States for two months, everything seems so dirty here. The US is so clean and sanitary, here it’s so dirty and unsanitary.” I want to say, “Don’t say that. Be nice,” but I have to agree. I never agree with those people who say, “But it’s dangerous everywhere!” No, it’s definitely more dangerous here.

We are back to the land of BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper), too. The drive back down to Patagonia was a crash course in that. When, in fact, there were bathrooms. No rest areas or service islands here, folks.

Tony set up the pool for the kids. It is summer here, but doesn’t feel nearly as hot as it was last summer. 108 was crazy – it’s only about 90-ish right now. Should cool off soon, too, as fall is on its way. A bright red spider, and I mean bright red all over except its beady black legs, was walking around the base of the pool near my feet. It looked venomous to me, therefore was quickly stomped upon. We let the giant wolf spiders live; someone told me they eat the venomous ones, so we show them mercy. I then watered down the ground around the pool – we were told watering will scare away any remaining black widows, who like dry, undisturbed places. It succeeded in flooding out lots of wolf spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, and a nest of biting red ants that had made its home at the base of the house’s foundation.

It feels like an episode of Buggin’ with Rudd around here. [click at your own risk, this guy’s a FREAK with spiders, needs his head examined]

Thank you everyone for your messages and comments and emails and support. I haven’t been very good responding lately, so forgive me. We always appreciate your words and support, though. But we feel even busier these past few months than we have in the past two years, if that were possible. I’ve also been lazy about newsletters, but it’s more a lack of time than anything. Please know we are always blessed by encouraging words and support given.

Speaking of support, thanks for all the clothes and books donated! We emptied 5 of our 10 suitcases in the States, leaving all of our winter clothes behind, and filling them with clothes to donate to the kids home, the people in the slums, and the church both here and in the remote mountains. We also paid for an extra suitcase, so brought six suitcase total of stuff to give out as the Lord directs. We also are loving all the Good and Evil Illustrated Bibles in Spanish donated – they are always a BIG hit in South America. People that will not pick up a Bible will read these. I don’t agree with all the author’s stuff, but I don’t think any of his disputable doctrine comes off in the book. People really have no idea who Michael Pearl is, or John Piper, or Wayne Grundem for that matter. And for the most part they don’t care and won’t look into it, either. It’s a tool, like any other. And a very effective one at that. Tony is at the boys’ home now handing some Illustrated Bibles out to the kids. Hope to get pics eventually. But, if you haven’t notice, I’ve lost some motivation in the picture-taking department. 

We don’t have internet here yet. Using the neighbor’s WiFi signal, until he gets annoyed that it slows his connection down and cuts us off. Getting internet hooked back up may take weeks.

We changed the chips out in our cells and bought some minutes, but we don’t have phone at home because there is no signal here in our part of town. The cell phone tower fell down, so we can’t make or receive calls when we are at home. So when Tony goes out (I haven’t been yet), we lose communication all together. And no internet or TV makes for quiet days. Just unpacking and cleaning has taken up our days. And, of course it’s summer here, so kids are on summer break. Still. I did bring some good books back for them, though. Like the Illustrated Tales from Shakespeare I scored on Amazon for a penny. Which they probably won’t read unless I read it to them.

The Kindle we brought back was a good investment – my gift to me with some Christmas money. I love to read, and reading is something I miss here a lot. The kids each have their own collection on my Kindle with their names on it and some free books I downloaded from the Internet. Everything published over 100 years ago is Public Domain, so my girl is going through all the Classics I dowloaded like Alice in Wonderland, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Through the Looking Glass. Boy is still not too much interested in Classic Literature. Just animals. And bodily functions.

We forgot to bring two things back with us: a filter for the wetvac, so may have to just shake and rinse down the one we have; and a rear view mirror for the van, which was sideswiped dowtown last year. We’ll make do. It’s a lifestyle.


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