really dumb (or brave, depending on your perspective…) dog taking on the sea lions in Necochea


street kitty who adopted us – he survived two months on the streets without us. Turns out our neighbor is providentially a vet – he fed him and got him all cleaned up for the girls. They are happy.

We have internet again now! Hence the pictures; I can finally upload, and download, although it still takes five minutes per photo. They are few and random, but I’ve been bad at taking pictures lately. I’m rather enjoying blogging without pics – enjoying not taking pics in general. The digital world can be all too consuming at times.

Our fairly decent internet provider finally came out after a week and several visits to their office. When we suspended our service back in December, they made us hand in our modem and said, don’t worry, it will be quick and easy to hook back up.

But they gave our modem to someone else and didn’t have one for us when we came back. And there aren’t enough modems to go around, so you’ll just have to wait until one comes in. Tony just laughs at the ridiculousness of it all. Living ten years outside of his own country was eye-opening for him. Anyway, a week is pretty fast, all things considered, for getting our internet hooked back up. And the connection is fast! All things considered, that is. Ah, to be connected again.

DSCF9157 DSCF9156 DSCF9108

Ugh, wordpress changed on me again. Can’t. Get. Posting. Pictures.

We were in D.C recently again…. back at the Argentine Embassy getting Tony’s Argentine passport renewed, it expired while we were in the States. They wouldn’t give us Teenage Boy’s, even though he IS our son and IS Argentine. The name on Boy’s Argentine Birth Certificate is my maiden name, not my married name {um, their mistake, not mine hello}… so they can’t be sure I am who I am and his mom is, um, ME, the same person. See our marriage certificate? My maiden name, my married, same person?? Um, no. So we’d have to go back to Buenos Aires to get that fixed first, they said. Sigh. Whatever. Boy entered Argentina as an American. Dual citizenship is complicated.

Of course we took advantage of having to be in D.C. to do our favorite thing: visit the Smithsonian. We hit the Air & Space Museum and the Art Gallery this time. The homeschooling must go on. Everybody hemmed and hawed about going to the Art Gallery with me, but they all loved it. See, I know what I’m talking about. Monet is awesome and a little culture is good for the soul. Not to mention D.C is just beautiful. We were there three days before the inauguration, so it was neat to see them setting up for it. God bless America.

Tony’s in the slums now. Took some clothes and Illustrated Bibles to a lot of people we know who need them both. They’ll be happy – clothes are outrageously expensive here.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot – charity work. We were “accused” once of charity work here. What we were doing was “social work”, not missions work. It was really odd, seeing as it came from a Christian. Besides, helping people with material things like clothes is a very small part of what we do – we do a lot more than that. Doesn’t the King James Bible equate charity and love as being the same thing? Doesn’t it say that if we have two coats and we see our neighbor with no coat, to give him one of ours? How can the love of God be in us if we say ‘be warmed and go your way’ but we do nothing? The argument given to us is that this is the government’s job, and that’s what they do – give handouts. Well, that may be true here, but it’s really the Christian’s job to care for the poor, the needy, orphans, widows, the ones who don’t have a coat or pair of shoes. It’s God that gave the command to Christians, not to the government. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Either way, we enjoy helping people. God has blessed us, so we like to bless others. We are to give as we have freely received. Aren’t we?

Last night we took a walk over to the neighbor’s house. He’s a veterinarian and he was so kind to take care of kitty while we were away. He fed him and gave him all his shots. He’s even going to neuter him for us for free! So nice. We are giving them our dishwasher. They think this is over the top generous and not necessary – they took care of kitty for us “de onda” (not sure how to translate that… out of the kindness of their hearts or something like that). If only they knew they are actually doing me a favor getting the thing out of my dining room where it has sat, still wrapped from shipping, for 18 months. I hope they can use it and do take it! PLEASE TAKE IT!

Chatting with the wife, I mentioned that we found black widows. She said oh yeah we have, too. Three or four this summer. Yay. So it’s a neighborhood thing. Pretty bad this year. I’m SURE it’s the empty lot next door, it never gets mowed and there are probably all sorts of creepy crawlies in there. Shudder. Last night I drempt of black widows decending from the rafters and into our beds. I’m serious. It’s getting in my brain a little bit too much. I only go out to hang clothes if Tony is here. If I get bitten, at least he is here. If he’s not, I still can’t call him since we still don’t have cell phone reception here. Who knows when they will raise the cell tower that fell over, probably from the Patagonian winds. No one ever seems much in a hurry to get things done here.

As we walked home we realized we are used to the noises here. At least three or four dogs barking wildly, a motorcycle whizzing by, birds, lots of them, and I don’t know what else. Just noise. And it was 9:30 at night. You do get used to it.


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