my worldly MKS, quotes from the little heathens

I read one book last year. Which is about 100 less than I usually read in a year. Missions life is busy. I started several, but the one book I actually read start to finish last year was Little Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression. It was awesome. (shameless plug. read it)

Our MKs (missionary kids) have become, er, somewhat worldly from their experience outside our previous life in our {self-imposed} Christian bubble. We liked our Christian bubble – it was safe, and clean, and predictable. But since living here it has been impossible to maintain the sterile fish bowl life we pretty much lived in in the U.S.My “good Christian kids” have now become worldly little heathens.

world·ly  ˈwɜrldli/  [wurld-lee] — of or pertaining to this world as contrasted with heaven, spiritual life, etc.

Down here our kids have seen and heard LOTS of things their little virgin eyes and eyes never heard or saw before. They didn’t know one bad word before. Now they know too many. Protecting them from “the world” here has been impossible, we are soaked in it. At first it bothered me, but I think because I was afraid of it, or afraid of the affect it would have on my kids. Like they’d be lost forever or something ridiculous because now they know the what F word means (and all sorts of Spanish equivalents).

It’s amazing (-ly not good) what they’ve picked up. I can more times than not be heard saying things around the house like,

Guys, we don’t talk like that.

“That is inappropriate vocabulary for a three-year-old.

Please do not talk like that next time we are back in the US. People understand English there!

Here are some things my kids have been heard to say to me lately,

3yo: “I’m a sexy woman.”*shakes hips*

10yo: “Mom, what does masturbate mean?” (Me: “Ask your father.”)

I’m so tired I feel like an ass’s foot! (Me, shocked but trying really hard not to laugh: Where did you learn that word?! “From the Bible”)

“Mom, (peers at me with sideways with a grin on face) how did you get pregnant? Were you doing things in the bedroom you weren’t supposed to be doing, hmmm?”

12yo: “Mom, what does mierda mean?” (Me: I don’t know.)

4yo playing with her toys: “Merde. MERDE!” (that’s French. It must have been that movie the older kids watched once in French because it was the only language option besides Spanish. They cackled the whole time anyway and learned some French. But only the good words.)

And a million other things I probably should have been writing down but didn’t. They’re at the age where we just embarass them, anyway.

So after we get home and you invite my worldly little heathens over to play, don’t say I never told you how corrupted missions has made them.



4 thoughts on “my worldly MKS, quotes from the little heathens

    • Christy, great link – thanks. Awesome what they do, domestic missions as it should look.

      And what we are not now is legalistic. Glad I’m over that.


  1. Your kids are always welcome here! My little darlin’ came prancing out the other day, swinging those hips and singing about being sexy. I guess I should just be thankful that he wasn’t calling himself a sexy woman! (I look for the small gratitudes!) At least you can blame it on missions; what’s my excuse? :)

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