We’ve been back for four months now.

We made it safe and sound, although barely.

We drove two days from Patagonia to Buenos Aires to catch our flight in record breaking rain and flooding. The kids were talking about it today, how “cool” it was, although one admits being a little scared.

59 people died when it was all over. I’m still in awe we actually were able to make our flight and didn’t get caught in any deep water.

The kids still remember driving through the torrential rains outside of Buenos Aires and the whole landscape on either side of the raised road being totally covered with water, no land in sight. Thousands of frogs were croaking and hopping across the highway. I thought we were going to die. I knew it was bad when Tony, who grew up in BA said, “I’ve never seen anything like this. Never.”

Since getting home we’ve been busy: recovering, getting settled in, doing some gardening therapy.

Much needed. It’s been good.


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