Yarn Along

I said I would do it – learn to knit when we returned to the U.S. And I am. I’m real exciting these days.

This is how far I’ve gotten:


The knit stitch, and I guess I managed the purl… but only with the help of YouTube.

I also just finished Jane Eyre , which I downloaded free on Kindle. I got the Kindle to take to Argentina thinking I would do all this reading to unplug and unwind from the craziness of the missions life late, late at night. Nope. I was usually just cleaning up from dinner or company at 11. We had to move back to the U.S. for me to find time to read again. I LOVED Jane Eyre. Top 5 All-Time Reads in my book, without a doubt. The heights and depths of the trials and triumphs of human life and love (and suffering and hate) so delectably written. Kept me up til 3am one night, I just couldn’t put it down! This may be this year’s Read-Aloud to the kiddlings.

Now I need to join the local library KnitWits group and have the old ladies show me how this knitting thing is really done.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Knitting and Jane Eyre!!! The only reasons to have winter come around ;-) Love the color of your yarn. Is it a scarf? I’m hoping to make another cowl soon, maybe in a mustard yellow (fall) color. Have fun ;-)

    • I didn’t know you know how to knit! It’s a cheap-o Walmart bulky yarn. I don’t recommend for beginning knitters. I’ll need to pick up some regular weight worsted. Scarf? I’m still on “cast on, yarn over, turn…”.

  2. My Mom was just raving about Jane Eyre to me saying that I really needed to read it to the kids. I think it is next on the list. I LOVE my Kindle and I LOVE that all the classics are free!!

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