Garden Therapy




{chamomile lovin’}


I built my first raised bed this summer.

I went to Home Depot, had them cut my untreated lumber, hauled it home, and wacked those nails in myself. Our yard is sloped, so I had to make sure the bed was level. Then I filled it in with a mix of bagged soil, compost, and peat moss.

We have rabbits and deer and chipmunks and all sorts of critters, so I have to surround my garden with some sort of fencing. I found some stakes and chicken wire behind the shed. Easy peasy.

I missed planting time for tomatoes and cucumbers and such, so I begin my homesteading ventures with this one bed of salad greens and a few herbs.

We enjoyed fresh, organic salad for over a month. The collard greens got attacked by some bugs, not sure what. Only got one pie out of them. Now the chamomile is blooming and the mammoth dill is… mammoth. I’ll have to remember not to plant so much next year.

Next year I plan on adding two or three more raised beds, fruit trees, and arborvitae hedges! I also want to try Straw Bale Gardening and get my compost bin started before winter rolls around!


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