napkins turned kitchen curtains

My “ministry” these days doesn’t involve much outside my own four walls. I’m quite busy taking care of myself (for once), my family, my home. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but after years of being outward-focused, it’s been a necessary one. I look back on my 30s and I was so overcommitted, exhausted, and probably should have had said “No” more often. Oh wells, you live and you learn. At least we did some fun stuff and hopefully some good along the way.

So, back to my curtains… Our house came mostly curtained, but I just couldn’t handle the 80’s mallard ducks hanging darkly in the kitchen. My kitchen in Argentina was black. It was depressing. I felt suicidal in there and needed some cheer. I hadn’t been able to find anything sufficiently cheery anywhere, but finally scored some cloth napkins in a bin on sale and made my own.


I washed them, threw them in the drier to shrink them up, then stitched them together with a simple stitch my grandmother taught me.



A simple rod and some of those claspy ring thingies, and voila.


They are so bright and airy, and yet block out the blazing, summer sun. I’m very happy with the results. They cheer me up everytime I look at them.


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