5am update

I woke up at 4am because of the time change. So what better to do than write a rambling blog post?

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back for over six months now! We are too busy enjoying life and rest and health and peace to blog about it, I guess. But I’ll try. I might ramble though, so forgive me.

We are doing very well.

Our HEALTH has immensely improved. The vitamins and rest and healthy food seem to be working. We are also pretty isolated since we moved an hour and a half away from “home”. We don’t see people often since all our friends and family live “so far away” {that’s what they all say, anyway… Argentina was farther! just sayin’} and we don’t know many people yet here – which helps us to not pick up a lot of things that are starting to go around with the change in the seasons.

Tony found a job driving for FedEx, and he really likes it. I really like that they are giving him lots of hours now that the Holiday Season is upon us. He needs to be out and about and busy. It has also helped me get back into a rhythm and schedule with the kids. We all needed the normalcy after the past two pretty chaotic years.

I’m back to homeschooling. We are doing a lot more than we ever have as far as what I am “making” them do. Some things were just impossible to do in Argentina, so we are doing those things now. It helps to be back in the land of “everything is available and accesible”. I feel so spoiled being able to actually buy what I need for them. AND it’s to easy get. And cheap.

I still find life in the First World shockingly priveleged and marvel that God allows us to live here. I thank Him daily and am in awe of this often.

But, as is my way, I am ready to bail on the homeschooling schedule by October. After three full months it begins to feel so restricting, like a drag and a chore. In Argentina we were homeschoolers. But we were also accidental unschoolers. Sickness and lack of the ability to have a schedule and mission trips and illness after illness made homeschooling as we knew it extremely difficult. So we unschooled a lot. I look back on all they did and learned am tempted to do it againt: unschool. Throw the schedule out the window and let them learn what they want. But I haven’t, although I’m still thinking about it….

Tony has to go back to Argentina in a few months. We don’t have a date yet, but go he must. Hopefully he will be able to sell the van and finally ship our boxes that are still stuck there. We have been making due and reaquiring all things needed for life – cooking stuff and clothes and bedding.

Tony talks on the phone to people in Argentina all the time, calling the boys home and our friends and people in the slums. The church we worked with is now wanting to plant a little church in the slums, right around the corner from the houses that all burned down and where Tony worked all the time. Our projector is currently being used in the mountains, now by native missionaries to reach the remote mountain people they work with. We hope some day people from there can come visit us here, reverse missions of a sort. I know Tony is looking forward to seeing everyone again. It was not in vain, not in the least.

Anyway, what else? Oh, we are not attending a church right now. We are taking a year off “church on Sundays,” something we decided to do before we left Argentina. We were fried and knew we needed to take a break. And we have. And it’s been the best thing we could have done – for our health and even our spiritual life. It is SO WONDERFUL to not be rushing everyone out the door on Sunday morning because “we’re going to be late for church!”. So nice to not be running around at all from one church social to another. Because that’s what it was for us for so many years. We never actually DID anything but sit around and talk about God anyway. So we stay home and talk about God. A lot less stressful. It’s so nice to search the Scriptures for ourselves to see what it is Jesus actually expects us to do with this life.

One thing God has revealed to me is how legalist I used to be. I used to be so judgmental, so Pharisaeical, judging myself, and others, by some nebulous and ever-changing set of rules to see where I and they were on the Christian scale of holiness and dedication.

Ick and ICK.

The Christian life is NOT a life of rules and religion, we have been set free from that. It’s a personal relationship we have with a Living God BY GRACE AND GRACE ALONE. A God whose Word is alive and whose Spirit is living within each believer! That’s exciting and liberating news.

It’s really about LOVE… isn’t it?

NOT religion.

Isn’t that the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself? Is it that simple?

Yes. Jesus Himself said so. Sometimes I feel like I’ve missed it. I’ve been missing it for so many years, busy running around and doing things for what? The only real good I think we’ve done in all these years is what we did in Argentina.

But we’re here now. So trying to figure out what doing good here looks like. For now it means putting our own house in order. Later, who knows?

Ok, 5am update/rant over. See, this is why I don’t blog much anymore – I can’t get my thoughts together. I hope this made sense.

I leave you with a story someone told us once:

One day a man was at home and there came a knock at the door. When the man opened the door he found a little girl who desperately exclaimed, “Mister, Mister! Please let me in! There is someone chasing me who wants to kill me!” The man, a Christian, said, “Certainly, little girl! Come in, quickly!”. He ushered her in and closed the door saying, “You are safe now, little girl, don’t worry.” Soon there came another knock on the door. The man opened the door and there stood a well-dressed, respectable looking man of authority, a policeman if you will. The man, who was actually the Devil in disguise, asked the Christian, “Have you seen a little girl?”

What does the Christian do? What is the RIGHT thing to do?

Does he answer truthfully? If so, he endangers the girl’s life. But then he can later say, “But I told THE TRUTH!” easing his conscience. Thou shalt not lie, afterall, he reasons. It’s one of the Ten Commandments!

Or does he lie? Thus, breaking the law, but saving the girl?

Which is right? To follow the law or TO LOVE?