We were missionaries in Patagonia for a year and half. We worked with the poor, the needy, children, and the lost, primarily in evangelism. I attempted to write about it here while the little elves screamed and climbed all over me in our tiny living room/dining room where I made the mistake of putting the computer. That didn’t have Wifi. And was maddeningly slow uploading pictures. Sometimes I disappeared for a few days {or weeks}, either having been attacked by a street dog (happened all the time) or was in the hospital. Again. Because that’s what we did for fun in our “free time”.

We moved to Argentina long-term, but came back for health (and sanity) reasons. But we did it – we went. And we did missions. And it’s everything you read about.

I hope our story encourages others who are thinking about doing missions, moving abroad, stepping out, or who are already there. It’s not easy, but it was good. It was not in vain.

But, we are glad to be home. And alive. Sometimes I reread my own blog and think to myself, “Yes, it really was that crazy!


Older scribblings found here: http://inpatagoniaargentina.blogspot.com.ar/


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